Problems sending notices

My staff and I have had lots of notecards from designers in the last 10 days about why they can’t send notices and yet they see others coming through. This concerns me, and appears to be a general problem on SL that large volume groups are sometimes seeing – a new problem and particularly bad at weekends of heavy usage.

No MailSo clearly SL has had some serious problems with groups for more than a week, and it’s unclear why some designers can’t send to FashCon.  If you are a designer and your notices fail to send, please don’t keep resending, wait a day and try again.  My totally random hunch based on years of fighting group problems on JIRA is that you might want to try teleporting to a quiet region or mainland (I used to try the region “Io”) before sending, but there’s no reason whatsoever to believe me. Just the ill-educated ideas that float through Honey’s head and she likes to mistake for intuition.

Sorry I can’t do anymore right now, but it’s a general SL problem and I have no control over the whims and fancies of the Lindens!

P.S. Oh but you can help. A reminder that my 2-year-old (yes) JIRA is still alive and I think still the fourth most “popular” bug on SL. It used to be the second – and although LL have still to something substantial to really address notice issues, it’s very important that this JIRA is kept current so they can’t ignore. If you care about this please log into JIRA (top-right of page) with your SL username and password and vote for it (left column) and even more importantly comment if you have personal problems with posting notices, and any feedback you can give them.  Thanks!


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