FashCon News: Slightly Less Ugly

Hi petals,

Didn’t we look bad one month after our SL birth? If you’re an avid archivist like me (aka “hoarder” aka “procrastinator”), your house will be full of boxes of birthday cards from people whose names you can’t remember, and your inventories or hard drives full of photos of yourself from 2006 (or 2002, if you’re quicker at picking up on a good thing than me). And those photos probably make you laugh (if you’re good-natured), wail (if you tend to be self-critical) or shed a little tear if you’re sentimental – I tend to do all three at once, which can cause unexpected tea spillage.

FashCon Poster 2 March 2009

So I’ve been simultaneously giggling, hair-pulling and blubbing everytime I see my plasticky looking face on FashCon kiosks all over SL since 2006. In those days, knocking up a quick poster from two prims made into a sign (“hey I can build!”), and forgetting to remove (one of?) my neko ears didn’t seem like a big deal for my soon-to-be-announced little idea of FashCon, which I didn’t think would make much of a splash. Quite why I’m standing in a red lace slip and leather jacket, I can’t remember. Thus was born the FashCon “poster”, which now shamefully still graces a few thousand kiosks all over SL to this day.FashCon Ad March 2009

Of course, now SL is much more sophisticated, we understand about skins and don’t drop ears without noticing, and so it’s time to update that poster… in my time-honoured fashion of knocking up another one without significant photoshop skills that I will also live to regret. Luckily the masterful system under which the FashCon kiosks run (courtesy of script goddess Sasun Steinbeck) allows me to change and cycle the textures that are pushed out to all kiosks centrally. So this is to say to all designers that the texture on you kiosk will change sometime soon to the new pictures in this post (click to see). This affects people with posters most – the texture covers the entire surface; on stalls and boxes, it’s the small texture on the “phone directory”. In due course it’ll probably change again when I cringe at this one too, or may even revert. In general, be prepared for those textures to change off and on sometimes.

Maybe sometime in 2036 the old poster will be claimed a classic of kitsch and sold on the martian equivalent of Ebay for 25,000 interplanetary credits, but I feel that unlikely. If you suspect I’m wrong, feel free to snatch a copy now.

Much love and embarrassment!

P.S. I added another pic!

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