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New Content Moderator

It’s been sometime since I’ve posted, but I wanted to welcome a new member of the Fashion Consolidated team to you all!

Dove Perlmann, profile pic

Dove Perlmann has been appointed as the new Content Moderator for FashCon, taking over from Ivy Norsk, and over the next few weeks, Ivy will be working with Dove to ensure a smooth transition for you all. I’m excited to appoint Dove, who will be a great addition to the team.  Please send her cakes and flowers as she’s taking on an occasionally troublesome role 🙂

As a reminder of what the Content Moderator does – she is responsible for ensuring that the notices you see, as far as is humanly possible, conform to the standards set out for the group.  This means that the notices members see centre on new original pieces of creative fashion, with pictures and information. Dove is therefore the first point of contact if:

  • you’re a designer and don’t know what you can post about
  • you’re thinking of joining as a designer but you don’t understand something in the FAQ or are unsure if what you sell is suitable for FashCon notices
  • you’re a FashCon member and you see notices that don’t conform to notice content policy
  • you’re a content creator and believe another designer on FashCon has stolen from you, and have sent a DMCA to Linden Lab, in accordance with content theft policy

A quick word about Dove’s role: it can be a difficult one, especially since LL limited the number of notices archived, which in effect means we only have 2 days or so to review all notices.  This means that naturally we sometimes miss the few persistent designers who play loose with the rules, but if this concerns you, please help by sending notecards to Dove of notices that don’t conform, including date, time, notice sender and store, and if relevant the notecard attached.  This isn’t a witch-hunt, but it’s my role as group owner to ensure that the 11,000 members get what they signed up for: notices about new releases.  All designers signed up for these before joining, and we have a formal policy of suspension and occasionally ejection for designers who persistently flaunt these rules to promote content unfairly.  This doesn’t make Dove, Ivy or me bad people (although we might be, raaawr!), it just means we’re trying to keep the group sane. If you care about this too, take the time to send notecards to Dove!

A reminder also that PK Emmons is the Fashion Consolidated Kiosk Maintainer, which means that you should contact PK if you are a designer who has lost their kiosk, bought one but can’t post, or has difficulty configuring it. PK knows how to lick those kiosks into shape.

I wanted to reserve the last paragraph for a very special thanks to Ivy Norsk, who has carried the role of Content Moderator so wonderfully for a long time – she was the first appointment to the role, and has done a frankly magnificient job, and has the ring-binders on her shelves to prove it. The other day I called Ivy my “extra gigabyte” – that she is, as well as a very good friend.  Ivy is not leaving FashCon – her and I are going to be working closely together on extremely secret and exciting plans about which if I were to tell you, I’d have to kill you.

Look out for those pumpkins,

Honey <3