Reminder: free FashCon Tour HUD etc.!

Honey WritesHello all, FashCon’s mum here. Dropping in with a reminder that a feast of new designers have just been added and the (free!) FashCon Tour HUD has just been updated. Welcome to all our new designers and the talent they bring! You can see who’s been added recently at the FashCon Who page (marked with a “New!“).

Also, I’ve just updated the FashCon HUD. Wanting inspiration? Wear the HUD and tp at random between stores when you’re bored of going to the same old stores. Or click on “Tour Bus” to join in with others FashCon members and visit the same shops as them, once every few minutes – make friends!  You can grab a Tour HUD at any kiosk inworld, at the FashCon HQ or at XStreetSL! Updated weekly.

Honey <3

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