My First Post


It’s SPRING and here in Texas we’re going into one of the two rainy seasons we have each year but more sunshine… less cold weather! There’s new growth, flowers are blooming, people are staying out later since the days are longer. It’s a great time of year!

This time of year is related to new things, regrowth, new growth, cleaning out the old to make room for the new. 😀 In the past month, I have been searching through SecondLife updating my avatar because, of course, a lot of things have changed after over a year absence! Skins are better, hair is better, eyes… everything. Designers have changed… they are new or have grown and/or changed locations. I love finding my old favs and rejoice when I see there are still people I’ve known for so long still here and doing well! Then I love seeing all the new designers, builders and what their imaginations have created. There are people who have gone and I’ll miss them but there are new people to meet. 😀 So on with this grand adventure which is SecondLife!

During my reacquaintance of SL this past month, I’ve also found that a lot of my SL family is still around or back after taking a break themselves. My sisters and I have so much fun porting around sharing new things! My Sisters, Nino Heartsdale, Thera Turog and Krystanna Wyclife are still putting on modeling shows (most recent, she just did a wonderfully creative “Fairy” themed show for Lady Thera). My two big brothers are still around and causing mischief as usual, Nightmare1212 Knox and Maska Tuck. My daughter, Kasha Morgath (DJ Kasha) has a significant other, Maive Kohn, and they have a daughter, Hana Yuhara, of their own now!

I’ve been extremely lucky to have met a few new people as well. The most important for me at the moment is Maxes Loon of fame! I am currently working with him and the Moolto staff on their website, blogs, banners and More Life magazine!! It’s a wonderful job that correlates with my goals in SL and the modeling, writing, and graphic design I want to do. You see, I wrote fashion scripts, modeled, arranged fashion shows and events for charity. I also helped run and acted as liaison to the NonProfit Commons for a charity called the Faith Foundation for Veterans and homeless children or over two years in SL before taking the year break I mentioned earlier.

I have found some new favorites I’d like to share with everyone… so I’ll show you the things I run across and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Also, coming next, will be my findings on who’s who right now in SL for skins, hair, eyes, shoes, manicures and poses! All the

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