Welcome to the MODA Spotlight Studio

Have you visted the MODA Spotlight Studio lately?  As a permanent member of the Treet.tv family, MODA spotlight lives at Northpoint, right alongside many of the other Treet.tv production studios.

The studio was designed and built by our own MODA Partner, Calveen Kline. This fully detailed design is intended to rez quickly, so visitors will be able to experience what we do there, and hopefully get to know us as a team. We would like to offer you all a strong welcome to stop in, have a look around, relax and read, or even join the VIP Group to receive tickets to our live studio audience.

Here is a closer look at what you can see when you get there:

All designers who have been featured on the MODA Fashion Spotlight show will have a logo spot on the Wall of Fame.  We are proud of each and every designer we feature, and we want to show them off! Click on the logo and you can teleport to the designer’s store location.   You just might find some treasures in those stores!
Our modeling team is as important to us as our designers, and the rest of our staff.  We consider them family, yet we just don’t have as much opportunity to show them off as we would like. This is our chance to show you who they are, and to help promote them in as many ways as we can. Soon, you will be able to click on each model and view their individial bio.  Patience, I’m working on that.


It’s true, the MODA Spotlight models begin their training at MODA Modeling School.  Most of our students aspire to join the MODA Spotlight team. We like to encourage all of our students and their friends to spend some time at the studio, have a chat with the role models and mentors on the MODA Spotlight team or just relax in the lounge and watch television, fill out surveys or grab a some reading material to get caught up on the latest news.


This is where the real action happens every Monday night at 7:30pm SLT:

Please do stop in and say hi, make suggestion or just hang out and imagine yourself on the runway live, on the MODA Fashion Spotlight show.

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