If I Die Young

If I Die Young

I went shopping last night in world, for the first time in about a month.  Yes, a MONTH.  My time has become limited in SL, mostly by choice, so don’t go feeling bad for me ;)   When I am in, I am usually busy doing work for Tricky, or catching up with the handful of friends I am still close with.  At any rate, retail therapy was necessary, so I spent the evening fattening up my inventory.

Above all things I picked up last night, and it was quite a haul, this new cardigan is my favorite.  Not totally shocking since I love cardigans so much, but this one is so unique.  Especially as far as Second Life goes!  I love all of the sculpting work on it, and how well it fits my avatar, even when I have my AO on, and of course, I love what shadows do with it.  It comes with both the long sleeved version, and the rolled up one that I am wearing.

Maybe I will blog a few times in the next few days, since I have so many new lovelies?  It could happen.

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