Arms 2

I am really excited to share a few things with you, so I am starting with my favorite!  This amazing new swing series from Lost Angels.  There are 4 different swings that you can purchase, each themed for a different season; Autum, Winter, Spring & Summer.  I am featuring the Spring and Autumn swings in this post.  I really had a hard time picking just one, and if I wasn’t so damn lazy I would have photographed them all.

SO… here are the things that stand out for me about these swings – Each one comes with 10 poses…yep…T E N.  They are all really done well, and I don’t have any bizarre bits of my hands or legs sticking out anywhere.  Each swing is also really well designed, Evangeline took a lot of care and thought in her creative process.  The Spring swing has butterflies tucked in amongst the ivy, the Autumn swing’s leaves are in all sorts of seasonal tones, the Winter swing not only looks frozen over and covered in snow, but she has even added a snowing animation (I cannot wait to use this one in a few months!)

This new series that Lost Angels has out in store is really terrific, you can find not only the swings above, but some tree trunks with animations, and some mushrooms, also… There is even an ice cube with poses and some ice cube props.  I have them all… and I am hoping I get to use every last one!

In the meantime, you should visit Lost Angels, all the props are out to demo, and the store is decorated so beautifully, it would be worth the trip for that alone.

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