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My name is Felicity Blumenthal, and I am a home addict.  I am not sure when this all started, probably pretty soon after I logged in that very first day.  At any rate, the collection of homes that is now tucked away (not so neatly) in my inventory has gotten out of control.   You don’t believe me?  Yesterday I bought 3 new homes, in one day, 2 of which I didn’t even have any intentions of using right away, but I had to have them.   The 3rd in my home shopping binge is what I will be blogging about today.  I figure, I might as well make something of my obsession.

In all seriousness, there were quite a few great deals on homes this weekend namely What Next & Belle Belle.  You can get 2 small places for next to nothing.  So, really, you never know when you might need a little house for something, assuming that you actually remember you purchased it and can find it in your inventory.


The skybox/home you see in the image above is from Nordari.  I adore that store, all of the homes have really amazing details, great wall textures, worn and homey looking.  When I decided I needed a new skybox, it was mainly because the skybox I was currently using had no windows, well it had a *false* window with a skyscraper view.  Now that I have shadows running so well, I leave my graphics setting on Ultra ALL the time, so I thought I might take advantage of how lovely SL looks, instead of sitting in a shadowless box all day.

Living 1

Living 2

So basically, I was looking for something with lots of windows, which means this purchase was a no brainer.  I should warn however that I did modify this home, it is probably more meant to be on the ground, since the front door opens to a stoop that goes no where but DOWN.  I added a small patio to the front to fix that, but it also provided for a nice little outdoor space.


I love that in this tiny little box, and honestly this is a SMALL space, there is so much character, and the layout is so original.  There is even a bathroom area, or at least this is what I decided to use the space for.


Even the bedroom area is a sort of loft, that gives it definition from the rest of the space, including the wood framed wall.  Again this was modified, I wanted a larger bedroom, so I bumped out both the living and bedroom areas, and I am pleased with how it turned out, I have VERY VERY limited building skills.

Of course mostly you are going to want to know where all the accessories are from though, right?  So here ya go….

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