Best Thing I Never Had


I’m wearing yet another new skin, and yes, I fail at having any sort of self restraint.  I blame the creator this time though, I think we all know I cannot resist a skin with freckles.

Annnnnywho, moving along…  New dress from Fishy Strawberry came out this week, actually two were released but I am only sharing my personal favorite.  It comes in a handful of colors, all geared towards a dressy casual summer look, if you couldn’t tell by the name – Midsummer Dream.  You can wear the skirt in either the sculpted or flexi version, I am featuring the sculpt.  I almost always go for the sculpt skit when it is short – I prefer the look, and besides, I never sit down. =P  The top also has a sculpted cowl attachment, otherwise it is all basic layer attachments.  Yay for simple, while I love all the creativity, and the very genius ways designers have worked around the avatar mesh, and various attachments, sometimes less really is more.

Oh… and.. HELLO NEW FAVORITE HAIR <3  (Which btw, I am not blogging Hair Fair this year.  Nothing personal, I shopped it, great build, great designers… just completely burnt out on fairs in general.)

Lastly, happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!  Get drunk, don’t drive, and don’t blow any limbs off with your fireworks.

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