Hold My Hand


New Maitreya shoes, why yes thank you, I *do* think I need a pair.  <3  I love that they are stunning and unique, and while my change purse hates me a little, they were worth every last penny.

I dug up some older jewelry to accessorize with, and I noticed in the creator’s profile that she is not planning on having any in world presence soon, which is sad, this is one of my favorite sets of jewelry.  But this also means, if you don’t already own this… you NEED to run over and get it.

I needed a short cropped do to go with this gorgeous dress (which lucky for me, was just a folder away), the sculpted top doesn’t lend well to any other accessories, including hair!  But I couldn’t resist it either while I was over at Maitreya shopping this morning.  There are some new tops and a pair of pants as well, GO SHOP!

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