Want To

Want To

This is the first blog since renewing my domain!  I was actually a little skeptical the last few weeks if I was going to renew, or just let the site go.  It is not to say I don’t love my blog, I really do…but I just wasn’t sure about investing back into it again.

Of course none of that matters now, because here we are!

The Seasons Hunt started today.  There is a seemingly endless list of quality creators, so I highly suggest spending your ENTIRE (yep, that is how long it will take) day doing it.  I only wish there would have been an inworld list of of stores/SLURLs, otherwise it was a pretty smooth hunt.

My favorite grab this trip are these amazing shorts that I am featuring.  Could they be any more perfect on the avatar, and you get them in 2 colors!!  I was going to piece together an entire look from the hunt, but I figure you are going to see that spammed all over the feeds in the next few days.  My boobs, you won’t!  <3

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