MODA Productions Joins with MetamixTV

So, what’s really new at MODA?  Well, one look at the NEW  logo and you will see something a little different.

 On Monday, July 18 2011, MODA joined with Metamix TV to produce the BRAND NEW weekly production of the MODA Fashion Primetime show.   MODA Fashion Primetime is a weekly runway fashion show, originally developed in collaboration with SLCN and TreetTV as MODA Fashion Spotlight.

Is it the same show? Not exactly. Metamix TV is a brand of its own, with a new style and fresh ideas. The MODA Fashion Primetime show will benefit from an infusion of vitality inspired by collaboration, and a host of changes that are certain to result in fresh new look for the MODA Productions team of talented models and producers.

There’s more! By reading this blog, you are among the first to find out even more good news: In addition to our new partners at Metamix TV,  Harlee Lane has an announcement of her own: Co-Host Raine McCellan has joined the MODA Production team as Co-Host of the MODA Fashion Primetime show.

With Host Harlee Lane and her NEW CO-HOST Raine McCellan, the MODA Productions modeling team continues to showcase the very finest in fashions from the most popular and talented designers in Second Life.

We have a lot to celebrate, and we are all looking forward to doing just that.  Meanwhile, have a sneak peek at Episode #1 of MODA Fashion Primetime on Metamix TV.

Original content from MODA Fashion SL

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