Modavia announces partnership with Secondnights


**** Modavia Fashion Marketing announces official media partnership with Secondnights ****

July 20, 2011 – The management of Modavia Fashion Marketing is proud to announce an official media partnership with Secondnights, an established community and social network operating in Second Life since 2009.

Modavia, a company widely recognised for its impecable fashion credentials, has long sought an outlet to reach new on-line audiences across the SL community.  Through this collaboration Modavia has access to additional promotional opportunities and marketing communication channels.  Modavia will contribute fashion news and reviews from the Modavia Designers group, representing 100 of the best couture fashion creators on the grid.

Modavia Headquarters

Secondnights Office


For additional information, contact:

Poptart Lilliehook

CEO, Modavia Fashion Marketing

Simone Peterman

Founder, Secondnights

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