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This lovely home is available from Funky Junk, and it just so happens I know the equally lovely designer behind it.  Ulaa is making home after home lately, and each is more desirable than the next.   I haven’t had a home quite this big in a while, and it is small in comparison to most SL homes really.


I generally gravitate towards a small two room home, I don’t need much in SL living.  But I could NOT resist this one, the beach theme is done so well, almost all of the accessories in the entryway that you see above come with it, plus there are details throughout, like the roping around the upper deck.

Exterior 2

I adore all of the different sitting areas outside, and the planters that surround the home.


I made the small area off the front door into a kitchen, I had that amazing set from what next, and it fit pretty nicely.  I did add a small seating bench, which seemed to make it a bit more cozy.

Living Room

I thought the central wall here would be the perfect place for a fireplace, and it gave this side of the room a good focal point for me.  I didn’t do an entirely large amount of seating, but that is because I wanted to use this blogger desk, it is one of my favorite things, but I always forget about it!

Dining Room

I figured with all the seating I have on this side of the room it didn’t matter much about the living room seating so much.  Since I did decide to do a kitchen in this home, I also had the opportunity to do a dining area. I didn’t go formal, because this house is so casual, so the table with stools fits well.  I threw in the armchair in the corner since I think it blended so well with the casual dining.


Also, just for the record… It is amazing what I find in my inventory!  I didn’t really know what I was going to use this smaller room with the door for, but a bathroom seems (to me at least) to be what it was meant for, with my layout at any rate.  So, I did have most of these bathroom items laying around as it turns out, and I think this might be the most formal looking room in the house!  lol


I think the bedroom is my favorite space in the house.  I ended up using the large room that is upstairs, and I was able to do a lot with it, without it looking cluttered at all.  I had this amazing new bed that I *just* picked up, and somehow seems to fit perfectly with all the other furniture I had on hand ;) I had also just picked up this great bookshelf/window seat combo, with lots of lovely places to tuck away your knick knacks and books.  I’ve set my home to the bedroom, the way the lighting comes through the windows – I will feel like I am waking up in the morning when I log in <3

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