You Make Me Feel

Surreal has been working on this new Mermaid set for quite a while now, I believe?  When she sent out the group notice yesterday that it was released, I was more than a little excited.  Most of you who read my blog have probably been around long enough to know I have a *tiny* obsession with Halloween and wearing costumes.   I seriously cannot wait for the Fall and all things that come with it; Leaves turning, pumpkin picking, apple cider, being able to wear turtlenecks again, and of course HALLOWEEN.

So it is still brutally hot here, and so it isn’t even September yet… fine, I won’t get obnoxious yet.

But really, this is a gorgeous mermaid costume!  The top is all sculpted, and menu driven to do texture changes and resize it.  Surreal gives tons of options to her customers too, the different fin sizes, and even a shape so that you can fit the legs perfectly.  Oh, and I LOVE the way she blended the fins into the skin at the waist. Perfection.

I was lucky enough to have the Mermaid poses from oOo studio on hand, and I highly recommend them, I actually had trouble picking which one I wanted to use.

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