I Wanna Go

I Wanna Go

Since I was a mermaid for the last blog, I thought it seemed completely reasonable to go goat this time.   Nah… I blame Bouncer honestly, he totally twisted my arm.  But when it looks this good, it is hard to say no and  I’m pretty adorable as far as goats go, right?

Things I love about this set – You can use just the feet, and not lower body cover, for a more mod fawn?!  The actual sculpted feet…ermm.. I mean *hoofs* come with a hud, to adjust them size wise (Bouncer knows all about this now), as well as changing the coloring (a few options for the base there).  You also have options with your tail and ears (both included), they can twitch, or not.  I like the twitching, its cute.   The horns are sold separately, and also have a hud and some options.

I recommended this store to Bouncer because I had this set previously, but it was lost in my tragic *accidental* deletion a few months ago.  So, I went with white this time!

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