September Home


I tried to wait to get this new home, but after fighting with my last place for a month now, and really not being able to fill it the way I wanted to, I gave in.  Maybe Jordan’s new house was just calling my name?

She never fails to create amazing homes/skyboxes, her textures, flooorplans, and lighting are always spot on.  It is amazing to me that  she can take a simple rectangular shaped space and still create 4 different spaces within it.

Living Room
It doesn’t become a cookie cutter home, and on top of that her textures are completely unique, there is so much warmth and character, even just from one room to the next.

Entry & Bathroom

I love having my own space in SL, that I’ve filled with all the things I’ve collected and treasure so much, especially when they have an amazing place to be displayed.

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