I Love You

I Love You

How do you feel about mesh? Have you used a viewer with it enabled, and how are things “fitting” your avatar?

I’ve had my ups and downs with it.  I am a little skeptical how it will really impact fashion at this point with it being rigged to the skeleton.  But I have LOVED the mesh boots from SLink, AND this gorgeous new dress I am wearing as well.

I think as far as pants go, while I do like not having knobby knees, size wise…eh.  It gets frustrating when you are used to adjusting prims to fit yourself perfectly, and not really having that option with mesh.  Plus, if you want to wear an untucked shirt with your mesh pants, you can’t really do that (layering wise).  But it is really interesting seeing what creators are doing with it, and watching them experiment, I am endlessly in awe of the things people can do in Second Life.  I wish I had 1/10th of the talent some creators do.

It will be an interesting journey wherever it goes!

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