My Stupid Mouth

My Stupid Mouth

Not everyone can appreciate his twisted and sometimes sick sense of humor, and even I have my days where I want to throw him out a window, however he manages to redeem himself every now and again, reminding me why I *do* keep him around.  When I’m having a particularly shitty day, and I am bitching, Don Mill shows up in my IMs to cheer me up, or console me, making me smile and being a genuinely supportive friend.  Of course that is usually followed by an inappropriate comment about my breasts, but good with the bad, right?

He even dressed himself for this blog, with ZERO help from me… SHOCKING.  Grazia is clearly having a very positive impact on him, ty girl!  Once he told me what he was wearing I knew just what I was going for.  This brand new dress came through my notices and I had no good reason to buy it, until Don *poked* me.

Since I had such a nice time with Sophia the other day and remembered that it is nice to actually socialize and spend time with friends in SL, I’ve been asking friends on plurk to join me on my blog.  SO keep an eye out, I’ve got more lovely faces that I adore to share with you!

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