It was New Year’s Eve 2008, and I was at a party at a friend’s house in SL, at the time I had no idea who Tricky was really, so when he showed up I wasn’t particularly impressed or anything.  Everyone was drinking, having a good time, and I think there was a lot of nakedness, I was newer to the group, and shy… OF COURSE, so I struck up a chat with the quiet guy (Tricky).  He had to leave abruptly, but promised he would catch up with me, and the rest as they say, is history.

Here we are nearly 3 years later, and he is probably just about my best friend in Second Life, as well as my boss.  There is no one I trust more than him, and we generally have the ability to be brutally honest with each other.  When I need help, he is the first person I go to, and he ALWAYS makes time for me.  That is saying a lot for someone who is buried up to his eyeballs constantly creating new skins.  I look up to him quite a bit as well, he is a very good businessman, but still manages to be extremely fair in nearly every situation.  We talk all day, everyday usually, and I tease him relentlessly (I am pretty sure it is my job description now), but I’ve no doubt that he knows how insanely important his friendship is to me now. <3

So we spent the day shopping and hanging out, he let me dress him too!  He doesn’t need the help mind you, he is one of best dressed men on the grid (imo).  I was already dressed, because I had went on a shopping spree for all of Juju’s new releases.  SO MUCH GOOD.

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