All I Want For Christmas Is You

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I’d be singing “All I want for Christmas is Gos boooooots babyyyy….”  But I already have them, so that seems counter productive.

They are gorgeous tho, aren’t they?  The boots…focus people.  You can wear them with socks or without, *and* you can also wear the loose fitting version which is unzipped.  I of course needed the fatpack option of colored socks…bubblegum ftw!

Just so you know, when you are chatting with Bouncer Criss and you say “I’m wearing these amazing new boots, but I can’t decide what to wear with them…”  This is how that story ends: You on your back, not wearing much else besides the boots.  I’m not complaining, tough life I’ve got, ey?

Special thank you to Bouncer for “dressing” me up, and giving me some inspiration ;)

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