InMutatio – MIAMAI Black Label – 16th December, 1 PM SLT


MIAMAI Black Label
16 December 2011, 1 PM SLT

Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become. ~ Anonymous

Explore the psyche of monica Outlander of MIAMAI, one of Second Life’s most innovative designers. Her acclaimed Black Label Collection reaches its next phase with I N M U T A T I O, an installation proudly sponsored by Modavia Productions for your dark delight.

This is the world where the human form is not fixed; it twists, teases and transforms. All who enter are subject to the whims of metamorphosis and mutability. When you are finally allowed to leave… will you also remain unchanged?

Further information and landmark coming soon.


About Modavia Productions

Modavia Productions is a full service fashion production company owned by Poptart Lilliehook, offering clients unprecedented event management, photo shoot coordination, model casting, and marketing services. Host of the iconic fashion event of the year – Modavia Fashion Week – Modavia Productions showcases over 50 brand new collections from the top couture designers in Second Life to coincide with the real life Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held in New York in September each year.

For more information contact Dahlia Joubert, Chief Operating Officer at Modavia Fashion Marketing.

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