I Need To Know

I Need To Know

I needed a break from all the sweaters, scarves, boots, snow and cold weather.  I’ve been humming this song for days now, so I finally got off my ass last night and did a little dancing!

Actually, I worked my ass off trying to put this look together, it is a bitch finding a salsa dress in SL!  You know when you’ve got this vision in your head of just how you want something to look, and you can’t find all the pieces…yeah that.  I was lucky to remember about this hair, and happened to have the shoes and earrings all tucked away in the closet.  I should have shown the back of the dress…or lack there of, but you all know I am a lazy one picture per post kinda girl!

On a side note: My real inspiration this time is music, I’ve been humming this Marc Anthony tune for days.  I always think about him this time of year because years back I saw him preform on NYE at Madison Square Garden.  They passed around champagne, and I got to listen to Marc countdown to when the ball dropped in the middle of the best city in the world to celebrate, that leaves an impression.

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