You Sang To Me

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and right behind it is New Year’s Eve, which of course means there are lots of parties to attend!  So I thought I would give you a few ideas for all of the festivities.  Each of these looks is a bit unique, from formal to super sexy, and all of the dresses come from the same location.  Nothing like one stop shopping!

Things I love – The gold dress comes in 2 versions, in case you want a slightly different look, plus the texture is fantastic and totally glitzy!  The Blue comes with the jeweled hanging back, and really adds that something perfect to an otherwise more simple dress, I should also point out that while you can’t see it, this dress off shows off the cleavage in a BIG way!  =P  And finally the Champagne colored gown, its perfection, and you get it in this sculpted version as well as a flexi, both gorgeous.

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