How Could Life Get Any Better

A couple of days ago Koinup got in touch with me about a partnership, and I was happy to hear from them because it gave me reason to explore the site a little more.  I’ve been a member for a while now, but I honestly have not been using it to the full potential.

Something they’ve really been trying to promote is their places section –  So I poked and prodded around the site a bit yesterday and today, came up with a little list of SLURLS (which was easy peasy because they are all right on Koinup), and logged in this afternoon ready to sim hop!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am, honestly – I spend so much time at my home sim, and never really go anywhere, so this has been an eye opening experience.  I went to about a dozen sims, landmarking one after another.   The images on Koinup are all amazing, and the places are equally as enticing when you get there.

While I was out, I kept finding more and more places that I could see potentially using for blogging.  So, this is going to be my project for the new year – I am going to *try* to explore and take pics at one new place that I find on Koinup each week… and share it here on the blog.  I’m adding a Koinup category to the blog, so it should make it easier to find them going forward!

My first stop was Japan Chubu, which is one of 4 sims that are all linked together, you could honestly get lost there for hours.  Choosing just one place for a picture was the most difficult part.

And speaking of pictures, I had some of the very best company today!  Howard Rushwald was kind enough to spend numerous hours helping me scout for a spot, pic a pose, be patient while I made him rummage through all the hair in his inventory, etc etc.  He is relatively new to the blog scene, but he puts together some really great looks, and captures them wonderfully at his blog:  Howard Rushwald Style (go on add it to your reader, you’re welcome!)

You’ll be wanting style credits now huh?

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