Empire State Of Mind

I was chatting with Tesh last night, and it came up in conversation that I am originally from New York.  I don’t mention it all that often anymore, I think I used to complain a lot more about missing “home”, but I’ve only actually live in North Carolina about 5 years now. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live, it is a really beautiful part of the country, but the city girl in me misses the hustle & bustle occasionally.  There really isn’t any other city that can compare…

So when I came across the Burley sim on Koinup places and saw the Vesuvio Bakery on the corner, I was immediately won over.  There are other New York styled sims around, pretty sure I’ve seen other pics of one with the Brooklyn Bridge that I will have to hunt down.  So don’t think this is the last you’ve seen of me wandering the city streets!

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