Style Academy – Faculty Picks

The Style Academy Feed asked me to help kick off the new feature they’ve added – Faculty Picks.  When you visit the feed now, you will notice the Faculty Picks section in the sidebar.  Over time they will be asking all of the bloggers who are on the feed to recommend their favorite store, as well as fellow blogger.

I think it is a great way to not only give a shout out to a store you love, but to also support your fellow bloggers.  There is a little blurb with the reason the bloggers have chosen the store and blogger, as well as links to the store and blog recommendation.   In this virtual world that is full of an uncalled for amount of negativity it is nice to see something positive.

I personally decided to recommend Belleza, and as I said it isn’t just because I work with Tricky, I blame him for the fact that I can’t seem to wear any other skins.  I try, honestly I do…but nothing looks as good!  And I recommended Leah McCullough because she really does stand out for me, her style is eye catching, which is only boosted by her incredible photography skills.  She really is one of my favorites, plus one of the sweetest girls I know!

So head over to Style Academy and check out the other recommendations!

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