[sYs] – Exclusive skin gift @ Modavia

Modavia Fashion Marketing is proud to offer to its group members a unique skin gift
from [sYs], in occasion of the release of their latest skin line, called Vixie.

This unique makeup, called Noir, has been exclusively made by Syane Cisse and Systi Cisse for Modavia group members, and will never be sold again, so be sure to grab it before it’s gone.

TP to [sYs] store @ Modavia

To grab the gift, remember to have your Modavia Fashion Marketing group tag active. To find the group either click on the inviter in the gallery or copy and paste the following link into chat and click to join.


In the Modavia store, you will also find the latest Majestic collection, as presented on the Modavia Fashion Directory.
Upstairs, you will also find the new skin line on sale; the skin comes in three tones, crystal, pale and medium. The base skin is prime for the many make-up options available, and the brand new Nymphe prim lashes. Be sure to check it out as well.

Happy shopping at Modavia!

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