This new hairstyle I’m wear is mesh, and it is incredible, both in the pic and in-world.  It moves perfectly with the avatar, it’s so nice to not have bits of hair poking out of your boob.  =P  I’m thrilled Elika has gotten on the mesh train, and from what I understand she plans to make mesh clothing as well, can’t wait!

I’m also wearing the new skin from Aura again, I was so excited to get my hands on a “plain” makeup, I tend to not wear entirely much eye makeup, just my thing.  However there are tons of great eye makeups to be had with this new release, so you’ll probably wanna buy em all anyways! =P  I’m sure I will be getting plenty of use out of them myself, and with the lipstick tats, the combos are endless!

Alright… that is all the rambling I’ve got in me for the day!

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