Today is my RL Birthday, I won’t bother being coy and saying I’m turning 30 again because I am not entirely bothered by my age (yet).  Maybe that is because so many of y’all are older than me?  =P  Anyway, I started off my 34th birthday with an adorable 2 year old hugging me and saying “Happy Birsday Momma”  Things really can’t get much better than that!  I did manage to have dozens more lovely well wishes from people I adore, hand made birthday card from the kiddies, and some lovely presents.  Thank you to everyone who remembered, you make my life pretty amazing <3

Annnnyway, let me actually discuss what I’m blogging now!  I’m wearing some more lovely items for the Collabor88 event!  The shorts, top and sunglasses can all be found there.  Oh, and that gorgeous gazebo you see in the background, also a collabor88 item!  It fits perfectly with the new spring look that the home sim has, don’t you think?  (promise I’m going to blog that soon!)

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