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Today is the opening of the EPOCH Legend event.  I haven’t actually ventured over yet, but from the images I’ve seen and what I’ve heard it truly is a must visit.  There are 4 sims, 3 with themes; Beast, Clowning, Art of Escher and the landing sim is a Creator’s Cafe.  As I said the event starts today and it runs through March 11th, there are a TON of amazing creators involved with unique items available to purchase.  For complete details check out the site:

This deck chair and side table set can be found on the Art of Escher themed sim.  what next’s creation was inspired by the geometric patterns and symmetry of Escher’s work, which you can see in the pattern on the chair cloth.  The set comes with lots of sits/props, as well as the table decor, and there is another chair which I’ve not pictured.  PLUS, you can get it in another color combo!

Obviously you can pick this up at the EPOCH event, all the more reason to visit!

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