Donna Flora A to Z: O is for Oriente

As soon as I spoke with Cajsa about participating in the Donna Flora Project I knew which piece of Squinternet’s jewelry I was going to wear.  It was really a no brainer for me, I wear this piece in nearly every blog post, and it is hands down my favorite ring.

So thank you for all the gorgeous creations you’ve spent your time on Squinternet, and for giving me reason to enjoy my SL that much more with pretties to adorn my avatar in.  I am sure you realize we are all thinking of you, and wishing you a speedy recovery! <3

Meanwhile, I was given a reason to get off my booty and blog, so while I was at it I decided to hit the KoinUp Places and find a fantastic new location to photograph at.  D-Lab (6pi) is a place you can probably spend your entire day playing, being young at heart and enjoying the amazing build.  The store is packed with great stuff to buy (tons of which you can find around the sim to interact with).  I found myself just hoping from one thing to the next and seeing what sort of cute sit was in it.  SO much fun, definitely bring a friend!  Thanks to KoinUp for another good find!

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