Mayfair, a concept sim by Celoe and Mon Tissu | Machinima

Modavia Fashion Marketing had the great honour and pleasure to see, in an extremely exclusive preview, the brand new Mayfair sim – by Mon Tissu & Celoe. Almost entirely built in mesh, the sim features a realistic and unique architecture, based on the real life Mayfair area in London, within the City of Westminster. The geometries and the attention to details are breathtaking, and it features the new Mon Tissu and Celoe mainstores, with a sneak peek of their new, upcoming collections.

The sim will be open to the public on March 16th – please join Celoe in-world group and Mon Tissu Soiree in-world group to stay updated about the opening and the collections.

Thank you Mon Tissu and Celoe staff for giving us the unique chance to see their amazing work in preview.

A big thank you to William Weaver for this stunningof the sim.

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