MODA Fashion Primetime Team Challenge – The Pink Flamingo

The MODA Fashion Primetime Team was challenged to style a Linden Lab Pink Flamingo. Why the Pink Flamingo? There is a story and a reason behind this particular challenge:

It is required that MODA models are able to make anything look fabulous including but not limited to clothing, hair, accessories and sometimes even skins. Every once in a while, we stop to take a look at their work and put them to the test. Fashion designs have evolved to such a level that it’s hard to find the “ugly prims” to challenge them with so we took them back to school and reintroduced one of our favorite challenges: the Pink flamingo.

Some of the models created their own clothing, poses, backdrops, and accessories, some of them built stages and some of them enhanced their photos. There were no rules to this challenge, we just wanted to see if they still have what it takes to style just about anything. They really did a beautiful job!

Original content from MODA Fashion SL

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