Just Might (Make Me Believe)

Guess who is going on vacation?  ME!  *insert happy dance*  So I’m giving you one more blog before I head off to visit Mickey!  I’ve purchased my very first Glam Affair skin this week.  That might seem a little shocking, but as far as redheads go, there wasn’t much for me, nothing really suited me.  But this new one is just love!

Like my new piano?  Its mesh you know.  mhmmm… only 11 prims with all that detail, it can pose up to 4 people, annnnnd it play something like 20 songs!  Its ridiculously well made, honestly, it is hard to believe I am not staring at a photo of a real piano…THAT impressive.  It comes in white also, and I didn’t display the music sheet/stand that came with it…just fyi!  =P

See you in a week <33

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