Call Me Maybe

I’m sort of late to the game this round, but I thought I’d still take some time to share with you the amazing things you can find at this month’s collabor88.

In the image above my hair, outfit, couch, wall art and some of the accessories can all be found there.  I love this very french inspired theme, and you will (or have) find that you really do want just about everything you can afford at the event.

I will blame my being late with blogging on this stunning themed skybox that was created just for this round of collabor88.  I spent days now just filing it up with all of my favorite things.  I love this space, the build is really well crafted, as can be expected from barnes.  It comes with the city surround, but there is still a ton of opportunity for light to fill up the space, giving your windlight a workout.

As it seems to be my luck lately, as I was just pondering what bed to use in this space, I received notification about this newly released bedroom set. Soon as I saw the images I knew it would be absolutely perfect in this space. The white washed carved wood of all the furniture really finishes off the space for me.  I love the bedding they went with also…PLUS…not only does it look good, it’s very functional.. there are well over 200 poses packed into that bed – Friends, Loves, Singles, Scenes…you name it!  I didn’t capture all of the pieces in the set, but there is an amazing wardrobe also (I tried desperately to squeeze it in, I swear, its LOVELY!) which opens and reveals a closet full of clothes.  Even the chandelier pictured above can be found with this set.

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