Modavia Productions – PURE by [sYs]

Modavia Productions presents
PURE by [sYs]
Sunday, 15th April – 1.30 PM SLT

Inspired by clean white lines and mysticism, the designers Syane and Systi Cisse’s is back with their original love – cyber and futuristic style. The PURE fashion event, prepared by Modavia Productions, will feature the very first mesh collection of the edgy and avant-garde brand, including a brand new skin line and unique accessories too.

Please ensure to be using a Mesh enabled viewer.
To best enjoy the experience, also be sure to set the region to Default, have your graphic settings in high or ultra mode and turn your local lights off.

After the show, the collection will be available at the sYs Mainstore or at their satellite store Modavia sim.

The event will be accompanied by the enchanting music of the Chouchou band live.
Chouchou is a Japanese music duo, based in Tokyo, consisting of the vocalist juliet Heberle and the pianist arabesque Choche, playing in Second Life since few years to explore the new possibilities of music in a virtual environment.

Their sims, Memento Mori and The Babel are renowned for their beautiful building style and unique environment in Second Life.

Chouchou official website:

The beautiful build of the show is by Joy Laperriere – owner of E U P H O R IA & . Shi. It combines an extremely chic style to an avant-garde concept – with minimal features and an amazing attention to the detail, recalling of real life big brand’s builds.

Looking forward to see you there,

[sYs] and Modavia Productions
Flyer image by Petra Messioptra 

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