Never Let Me Go

I’ve been VERY eagerly anticipating the 20th all week-long. =P There was promise of new releases from two of my favorite stores.  Of course I was not at all disappointed.  I bought quite a bit, my inventory hates me even more.  Mesh just seems to get better with each new release, doesn’t it?

These jean shorts are probably my favorite thing I acquired, I mean we all know my obsession with SL jeans, so it was expected.  I imagine I will get quite a bit of use out of them, they fit fantastically. The corset is also gorgeous, and I love the floral pattern on it.  I tried to pic something from the collection that I thought might be “less” blogged.  I figure you will get to see the other stuff all over the place. ;)

Also…this new hair… love the way it works with the corset and frames my face!

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