I decided it was due time for Sophia Harlow to change her clothes, ya know… since she hasn’t in like six months. (She was starting to stink if I am truthful)  So I picked up this fantastic FREE pose this morning, and told her I wanted to take a pretty pic.  Four hours of shopping later and we’d nearly figured out what we were going to wear =P

It gave me a really good excuse to go and visit the new FaMESHed event that just opened today.  And yes…everything there IS mesh, so you know I couldn’t resist.  You can find furniture, clothing, hair and accessories from some of the best designers on the grid, and even better….this will be an ongoing MONTHLY event.

I’m featuring some hair, jeans and jewelry that I picked up there. Loooooove these jeans, tho I will be honest… I am not a fan of the butt crack and this does have a bit peaking out.  I will suffer for fashion’s sake.  This hair is also really amazing, one of my favorites from Kavar in a long time!  Plus – this jewelry is by a totally new to me designer!  I promptly went to her marketplace store and bought all the things! \o/

Go on and shop FaMESHed….

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