What Am I To You?

8th of May!  Woot!  Of course I’m this excited because the new Collabor88 collection is available.  There is a TON of ridiculous good stuff available.  Actually, so much so, that you can probably count on another post dedicated to it.

Things that I am wearing which you can find there – The hair, ohh the amazing hair!  Its fantastic, and…its mesh!  My top, undergarments, skirt, shoes, and necklace – ALL Collabor88.

Oh…and, you can find the fantastic build I am standing in there as well.  It is so gorgeous I had to take a shot of it just so you could see it in all of its magnificence:

This is a skydome, so basically everything you see in this shot is included; the build itself, plus the sky and even the ground you see int he image.  You can’t see it, but the inside of the structure opens to see the ground below.  It really is unique, and you really need it!  Go!

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