Shadow Days

Yesterday was the opening of the Home & Garden Expo!  This fair benefits Relay For Life of SecondLife and the American Cancer Society.  There are, get this – 14 sims worth of shopping. F O U R T E E N.  Shesh.  If you can’t find something for your home in 14 glorious sims, there has got to be something wrong with you ;)  This is a ridiculously small sample of what can be found.  But I wanted to at least pimp some of my favorite creators.

The image above home is mesh!  It comes complete with that amazing bookshelf wall WITH the books in it, and because it is mesh, the entire build is under 90 prims (if I remember correctly).  All of the furniture can be found at the fair as well The couches are packed with lots of great poses for singles, friends and couples, I didn’t show it here, but there is also a chair & ottoman that is equally lovely.  While the couches are amazing, but I want to point out the coffee table & candles, they are such a really good quality, very well detailed.

I saw this little house and fell in love, I was recently begging someone to make me a home similar to this.  I love the idea of lots of windows, and almost a greenhouse sort of feel to it.  Everything you see in this image comes with the home (except the ground).  You get all of the furnishings inside AND the great swing, the little patch of flowers off on the side, even the cute little garden hose detail.  Its all about the details!

This is yet another great set of furniture that can be found at the fair, It’s a great casual set, I like how all of the pieces work together while not being “matchy”.  It makes it look like you’ve been shopping at a few different places and that you’ve pieced it all together.  This is great for people like me who are lazy when it comes to decorating!  😉

So, get your booties out of bed on this beautiful Sunday morning and go wander the endless sims at the Home & Garden Expo.  It closes on May 28th at 10pm SLT, so don’t miss it!

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