Dark Side

Yes, I’m in a bunny costume.  Happy Sunday to you!

There are far too many incredible things to share from this month’s Collabor88.  Honestly, I had trouble trying to narrow it down, without spamming you with TONS of pictures.

This bunny costume is my favorite from the event, and it is MESH!  Glorious.

Another gem is this great dress and hair, oh and notice the home?  Yep, part of Collabor88 too.  You have options with it as well, if you want the skybox, or maybe you just want the home for the ground, you can do either.  I am sharing the skybox FULLY furnished version.  It’s absolutely perfect.  There is a pool outside that you can’t see (I’m standing in front of it), and the skybox surround fits it perfectly as well.

Oh…MORE hair, and another must have dress from the event, which is mesh, did I mention the other is mesh as well?? …AND a gorgeous skin as well, which you can get it in a few different makeup options, I loved this with my hair.  Oh, Oh!  AND…. ANOTHER skybox…this is a NYC one… LOVE IT. It definitely fits the whole “Shindig” theme of this month’s Collabor88.  Yet again, creators have simply out done themselves!

Make sure you head over before you miss out on this month’s goodies.

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