Too Close

I’ve been setting up the Belleza booth at the Fairy Tales event for the last 2 days now.  I’m so excited about us participating, the event is so well-organized, and is really standing out to me.

It feels almost like an art exhibit, and definitely lends itself to the theme.  The Glam Affair team have done a phenomenal job with the build and decor and on top of that the creators have just worked so hard to create on the Fairy Tale theme, you can see the thought that went into everyone’s creations.

I’m featuring almost everything entirely from the event.  The hair & cape (which is color change!), Eyes, Top, Skirt and Necklace can all be found at the event.  I love how flawlessly all these pieces work together, impressive really when you consider they are all from different designers.

The Fairy Tales 2012 event opens on Friday June 22nd at 2pm SLT, be sure to check it out!

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