I’ve been wearing this mesh skirt for a few days now, I have one just like it in RL, so when I saw it in SL I had to have it.  It’s crafted so well, there are some semi sheer layers, that really lend to the over all look of it – That is lived in, well. worn, and comfortable.

I thought this new hair was perfect with the skirt, so I might not change for a few more days…don’t tell anyone!

As for the outdoor living space, most of it comes in a rezzer!  How perfect is that?  The pool, floating lily pads, retaining wall, stone floor and fireplace are all part of it.  It even comes in a brown stone as well.  I thought this little table and chair set that I had looked perfect with it.  Seems like the perfect place for a little backyard party?!

Speaking of parties….. Happy *early* Independence day to all of my fellow Americans!  Enjoy your family & friends and stay safe!

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