Bring It On Home

I have a new home!  (Shocking, I know!)

I am so in love with this new place though, and while I do love having places I can fill with all my precious things, sometimes it is really nice to just rez something and not have to do much of anything with it!  LOL

The home is from Abiss, which you might have guessed, I think their style & quality is generally easy to distinguish.

The Country Retreat Residence can either be rezzed on the ground or a skybox version.  I am sharing the skybox because I was SO impressed with how well the surround for the skybox was made.  I love the grounds, trees and the sky enclosure.  Really well done, and you even get extra trees in case you want to change it up a bit.

The pool is gorgeous, AND has a whole bunch of interactive poses, you can dive, swim, lounge pool side. I love those clever little details.  The outside gazebo AND couch are included (and packed with poses) and even the grill is included.

Everything you see in all of these images included with purchase, AND almost the entire build is MESH!  \o/

The interior is equally as impressive, and I happen to really like the size of this home.  I don’t really love big houses in SL, because I just don’t have the use for all of the space, but this one is roomy but not overwhelming.  The kitchen is packed with poses both in the table set (yep included) and along the wall in stove/sink area.  Fun things to play with!   Even the piano tucked away near the entry is included, and on top of it being gorgeous to look at it also functions, if you remember I’ve previously blogged about it!

All the details move right up the stairs to the bedroom, sitting room and bath.  Again all of the furniture is full of poses, so is the ridiculously glam bathroom AND the hot tub tucked away on the deck!

I can say enough about this home, you really need to visit it yourself in world and walk around it to truly appreciate it.  Every time I log in I smile!

Direct SLURL to the Country Retreat Residence Skybox Demo

Marketplace Listing

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