I’m kinda late to the party sharing about this, but I figured when the blogging calmed down a bit it would be a good time to remind you all to get your asses over to One Voice and SHOP for the cause.

I don’t know that I need to get into very much detail, but on the off-chance that you don’t know what One Voice is about/for:

Curio’s Gala Phoenix is currently in the midst of legal issues which have resulted in her content being removed from the grid, pending the outcome of her legal battle. Gala’s fellow content creators have come together to host a fundraiser to help with the enormous amount of legal fees she will have to bare in order to fight these baseless claims.

This fundraiser is not only to help Gala Phoenix, but to also take a stand for the community of content creators, for many of whom SL is their main source of income. This could happen to any one of us, and it’s necessary that we stand up and fight back to ensure that it doesn’t.

There are SO many creators who are helping, the list is too ridiculously large to share, but I promise you that you can come away with dozens of amazing things, so go shop!  My hair, Tank AND Jeans are all from the event! Vendors are giving 50-100% of their proceeds to help Gala and the event is running until July 22nd.

Visit One Voice

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