Vintage Fair 2012

I usually do a few blogs covering events… but this time I decided to just do what I love; dressing up, taking pics, and editing them.  You don’t really want to hear much of what I have to say anyway, you want to see what is there, and then run to buy it, right?!

This is my FAVORITE of all the fairs, hands down.  I’m so sad that it might be the last. I love dressing up for different eras, searching my inventory for that something I purchased months ago that would tie it all together.  It is like crack. And getting an overwhelming amount of talented creators together and saying, go make vintage items… Yesss.

I will go over the standards – Vintage fair spans 3 sims, the build is made entirely of mesh by Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil (for that alone you should go visit), the build is gorgeous with amazing textures, it looks like a beautiful little city.  I cannot tell you about lag because I was there before it officially opened.  But I guess that sort of comes with the territory at this point, right?  If you can hold off, I’d wait 2-3 days, and then visit. Course I wouldn’t take that advice myself…

Visit Vintage Fair

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