Doohickey HUD

My good friend Mainit Hellman, along with his business partner Veerus Tigerpaw have created an amazing new tool called DOOHICKEY HUD.  I’ve had the opportunity over the last 2 weeks or so to play around with it a little and test out some of the options.  I say some because it is so packed full of great tools to use in SL that I haven’t even had a chance to explore them all.

I decided that I would highlight the features that I personally find most useful to my own day-to-day in SL.  In the image below I’ve pointed them out, but really this is only touching the surface of what all is in the HUD.  You can check out more complete details on their marketplace listing.

For me I’m excited about this HUD because it pulls together all of the ones I currently use on a regular basis into one neat easy to use HUD. So now I don’t have to have the 4 or 5  up that I’ve been using.  It is terrific because you can customize it as you see fit, and when it is minimized you hardly notice it on your UI.

For the price, you cannot beat everything that is offered in the HUD, I’d say it is a “must have” purhcase!

DOOHICKEY HUD on the Marketplace

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