Some Nights

Lets talk about the ridiculous shoes.  They are magnificent, and I am lucky enough to have 2 gorgeous pairs. Plan on seeing them a lot.  Thank you to my amazing friends who gifted them to me when I tortured myself on plurk over making the 950L$ purchase.  Thing is, I couldn’t convince myself to spend 950L$ on a pair of shoes.  Not to say they aren’t worth ever L$, they are and I am sure the work that went into making them makes the price fair.  I just personally kept thinking…if I only wear them a handful of times, is the money spent on them worth it?

Thanks to my friends I didn’t have to torture myself over it.  And they are worth it, I promise.

My dress is a lovely new mesh number from a new store and my adorable do, is also new new new, go shop!

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